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Cardistry 101: How to do Damn Straight by Kevin Ho

Grab your scarves, flat-top sunglasses and a deck of cards, folks. It's time to head into the local forest for some cardistry.*Today's tutorial comes courtesy of cardistry practitioner, magician, and YouTuber Ekaterina. In just 10 minutes she'll teach you how to perform Kevin more

Apex Aces

How to make all four ace cards disappear

There are a few different ways to four cards appear or disappear, but this tutorial of Apex Aces by 52 Kards makes it look clean, elegant, and downright magical. You'll need some expert pinky and card control to perform this trick, but the video above shows you in painstaking more

Diagonal Palm Shift

How to palm a card from the middle of the deck

Palming cards is a vital move in many card tricks, but what do you do when you have to return a card to the middle of the deck? 52Kards has a tutorial that'll show you an advanced move to control a card with your palm, no matter where it ends up. The diagonal palm shift is very more

December Boys Pluto flourish

Video: How to do a Pluto flourish

December Boys is a cardistry outfit based out of Ukraine, and the group has been cranking out flourish and trick tutorials for a while now. Their Qosmos package includes several flourishes (available to purchase here), but they've released a tutorial for Pluto for free, which you more

Card at any number trick

How to find a card at any number

This week’s tutorial video from Chris Ramsay is a bit of a tricky one, but the effect is worth the effort. Simply name a card, then find it in a shuffled deck by dealing out cards with a number given by your spectator. There’s quite a bit of technical stuff going on here, so more

Mucking tutorial

How to muck cards reliably

You’ve probably seen this trick before: a magician puts a card down on the table, picks it up in their hand, flips it back over, and reveals a completely different card. Mucking is a common technique gamblers use to cheat at cards, and 52Kards is here to teach you a modified more

peeking tutorial banner

How to sneak a peek at someone's selected card

Asad from 52Kards brings us this tutorial for a technique that will allow you to peek at someone's chosen card. It's a good starting point for any number of effects and doesn't rely on a force to work. The core technique is surprisingly simple, though you'll still have to be more

charlier cut

How to do a Charlier cut

If you've ever seen a magician mucking about with cards, odds are good you've seen a Charlier cut in action before. It's a one-handed cut that can become the starting point for a lot of other cardistry flourishes, but it also looks pretty slick on its own. It's not overly more

one hand fan

How to do a one-hand fan

Cardistry is one of those areas that's fun to explore whether you're a magician or not. If you perform, flourishes can add a bit of pop to your tricks, but they're also good for impressing your pals. This video from Ellusionist is a good introduction to a move that's a foundation more

coin through the hand

Video: How to pass a coin through your hand

This one will be pretty easy for anyone who's already mastered palming a coin, but it highlights two other areas that are vital for budding magicians: acting and coordination. Performing magic is more than just knowing the method - you also have to sell the effect to an audience. more


Video: How to palm a coin

Like all great art forms, magic's foundation is based on an array of basic skills that are a great starting point for anyone looking to learn the craft. In this video, Matt Wayne (whose site no longer seems active) demonstrates two different ways to palm a coin, a building block more


Coin magic for the social magician

Alexander the Great claimed that his quartermasters were generally grumpy people because, as anyone who studies military history knows, you win by logistics rather than by strategy. They were possibly perturbed by the fact that Alex made sure they were the first ones executed if more