19 Crimes wine cleverly shows off the possibilities of augmented reality - Genii Online

You may have heard the term "augmented reality" - AR for short - buzzing around as the new hot thing, and here's your chance to see it in action. 19 Crimes features real-life criminals on its labels, and in a brilliant piece of marketing, uses AR to bring them to life on your phone. Download the app and point your phone at the label to hear these crooks tell their tales. 

It's a clever gimmick to raise the profile of the Australian wines; upon conviction of one of the 19 crimes in question, a British prisoner would be sentenced to "punishment by transportation" and sent to Australia. It's also a great example of how AR can turn something relatively simple into an extraordinary experience. Augmented reality has already started to make its way into the magic world to do things like change one card into another, but is it really magic if an app is doing the work? Share your opinions in the comments.