Chris Ramsay makes David Blaine holding his breath for ten minutes look even better - Genii Online

Whatever you may think of YouTube magician, Chris Ramsay, he and his crew know their way around a camera. That skill is in full display in the clip above, in which Ramsay takes some footage of the always amazing David Blaine and gives it a bit of the old YouTube pzazz.

The clip was part of a larger video, or a "vlog" as I'm told by several people who should know better, detailing Ramsay's trip to see Blaine perform in Montreal. The first few minutes of footage are the usual YouTube-filler: Lots of quick cuts, rampant consumerism, and undersatured holiday footage accompanied by that weird elevator-music-for-cool-kids you hear all over the internet now DMCA take-downs are a thing. The big man himself pops up at 4:30, and that's where things get interesting. Watching Blaine perform is a pleasure as usual, but it's really cool to see his work shot with the same rough intensity as modern street magicians, rather than in the tepid style of a early morning talk show.

Blane even drops a little nugget of wisdom for aspiring magicians near the end of the video: "make failure your friend, your best friend."