First time going to the Blackpool Magic Convention? Check out this official beginner's guide to the convention - Genii Online

The February dates for the Blackpool Magic Convention are rapidly approaching, and if this is your first time attending, you're probably scrambling around trying to figure out your itinerary. Where do you stay? How do you get there? And more importantly, what's to eat? If you're trying to hunt down the answers to these burning questions (and more), don't sweat: the official Facebook page for the Blackpool Magic Convention has you covered.

The convention has compiled a huge list of tips and tricks for you to use for the duration of your stay, including what to expect to pay for a bed and breakfast, how to sign up for a TasteCard (which will save you cash on all your food), how to scope out the dealer hall (pro-tip: don't spend all your money on the first day), and more. Check out the embedded post below for everything you need to know (click the "See More" link at the bottom of the post to expand it), and visit the convention's official site and Facebook page for more info.