How do you sell an illusion? Geraint Clarke tells Discourse in Magic listeners how. - Genii Online

Geraint Clarke wears a lot of hats, and the most recent one he donned is “podcaster.” Clarke, who creates both magic tricks and marketing campaigns for a living, is the guest for this week’s episode of the Discourse in Magic podcast. In this discussion, he chats with hosts Jonah and Tyler about the importance of time in getting an illusion ready to go on sale. He suggested letting an idea percolate; rushing out a concept too quickly without spending enough time to work out all the kinks could wind up hurting your reputation for future projects.

If you’ve ever been curious about the business side of magic, this episode is an insightful listen. Check out the whole episode on the Discourse in Magic website, or get it on Apple Podcasts, Android, or another RSS feed.