Jason Ladanye is the king of kings - Genii Online

There isn't much to say about this latest video from expert cards man, Jason Ladanye. He controls all four kings through over a dozen false shuffles, and delivers cards with the crisp precision of a Vegas card shark. I'm not even gonna' give him grief for the stack of Bicycles next to his £200 magic mat, I mean just look at those one handed rifles. He's very very good, but, of course, we already knew this. 

Ladanye's DVDs, books, and blog, are all very useful resources for the amateur card magician, but I'd advise you not to use any of his shuffles in an actual casino unless you'e sporting a pair of fake kneecaps. He's also now offering one-on-one training via Skype for $100 an hour. That might sound costly (because it is), but the reviews have been stellar thus far.