Joel Ward’s new DVD will teach anyone how to make magic with everyday objects - Genii Online

If you’re just looking to get your feet wet in magic, or if you want a way to easily impress friends when you’re at their houses, Joel Ward has the DVD for you. The magician just released an instructional DVD called Simple Magic, and it teaches 10 tricks that can be performed with common household items. It’s billed as “For Non-Magicians,” so we’re thinking these tricks won’t be requiring any advanced sleight of hand or complicated misdirection. Pick up the DVD for $20 on his website.

Joel Ward has done a few notable television performances, including on Comedy Central programs, The Tonight Show, and Penn & Teller Fool Us. Here he is on Fool Us performing a fun, tennis-inspired act. (This is probably a wee bit more advanced than what he’ll show you in Simple Tricks.)