Scam Stuff needs help building their headquarters, so they're putting everything on sale for Memorial Day weekend - Genii Online

Scam Stuff founder Brian Bushwood is very close to locking down the perfect location for his company's new headquarters in Austin, TX, but he needs a little more cash to seal the deal - which is why he's putting everything on his site at deep, Black Friday-esque discount for the next three days.

You can get the devious Outlaws Vault (pictured in above) for $104.07 (nearly $50 off the list price), a full set of the Brian Bushwood Book Test for $549.97 (55% off the list price, the lowest it's ever been), or get yourself a snazzy lock-picking set for $7.77. 

Scam Stuff is still a small shop so there's a good chance some of this gear will sell out before the long weekend is out, so if you see something you want, grab it now here while supplies last.