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Max Major

Max Major makes believers out of Pickler & Ben

Not everyone appears into magic at first glance (wild, I know), but even the most jaded individual can't help but be impressed when an experienced mentalist messes with their head. That's what happened this week on Pickler & Ben, when Max Major showed off a pair of mind-reading more

Aaron Rabkin

Aaron Rabkin on how he makes magic funny

Aaron Rabkin considers himself an entertainer first, and a magician second, and a large part of that is how he uses comedy in his shows. Originally dabbling in improv and stand-up comedy, Rabkin embraced his magician side and used his sleight of hand to elevate his jokes, and more

Aaron Rabkin

Aaron Rabkin’s journey through magic

It’s rare for someone to land their dream gig right off the bat, and such is the case for Aaron Rabkin. His Chicago venue Trickery is the culmination of years of practice, first as a kid in various magic camps and competitions, then later in one-man shows, street performances, more

Aaron Rabkin

Why Aaron Rabkin hates magic

It’s a bit strange to hear Aaron Rabkin, magician and owner of the Chicago venue Trickery, say he hates magic - but it’s not without reason. For Rabkin, magic is about impressing and entertaining his patrons, many of whom are laypeople, not other magicians. It doesn’t matter if more

street magician

Munchies and magic in Shibuya's Meat Alley

I'm quite fond of magic, but food is my true passion. This fact is obvious to anyone who has ever seen me walk up a flight of stairs. So this latest video from YouTube jetsetters, Simon and Martina Stawski, is entirely my jam. I would also like to eat the jam, please.The Canadian more

ekat cardistry promo

Cardistry 101: How to do Damn Straight by Kevin Ho

Grab your scarves, flat-top sunglasses and a deck of cards, folks. It's time to head into the local forest for some cardistry.*Today's tutorial comes courtesy of cardistry practitioner, magician, and YouTuber Ekaterina. In just 10 minutes she'll teach you how to perform Kevin more

piff the magic

Piff clearly isn't a morning dragon

"Vegas at 11am is one of the most depressing sights known to mankind," says Piff the Magic Dragon as he surveys the paltry foot traffic outside of the Flamingo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Thus begins a hilarious episode of Vegas 24 in which host Roberto Raad tries in vain to more