Vinh Giang

Practice is important, but how much is enough?

The answer to the question "How do I make sure I'm confident enough in my routine that I don't fall flat on my face" is simple: practice. But the harder questions is: How do you know you've practiced enough? Vinh Giang from 52Kards takes a couple minutes to give his thoughts on more

Randy Pitchford

GeniiCon 2017: Randy Pitchford on his start in magic

Magician and Genii Magazine/GeniiOnline owner Randy Pitchford has been practicing his craft for years, but everyone has to get their start somewhere. In the first part of our seven part interview with Randy, he talks about the beginnings of a life in magic, from his relation to more

Arnulfur Hakonarson and Karan Singh at The Session 2018

See snippets from the show floor of The Session 2018

Did you get to go to The Session in London earlier this month? If you did, I’m very jealous. If you didn’t, you can start living it vicariously. We’re starting to see some videos from attendees of the event, put on by Vanishing Inc., posted to YouTube.One such showreel comes from more