A day in the life of a magician in Bahrain - Genii Online

When you think of "magicians," what comes to mind? Names like Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Blaine, doing TV specials or playing to sold out crowds in Las Vegas, maybe. A handful of magicians achieve that kind of status, but most have days like the one Nabeel Bera shared in a recent vlog about a typical day for him in the suburb of Juffair. He starts the day entertaining folks at a barbecue and waffle restaurant (there's also grog...it's an odd place), then moves onto a kids' party in the evening. 

Glamorous it is not, as Bera competes to be heard over rowdy patrons and overpowering music at the restaurant, then has to think fast when he realizes the performance he planned for the party won't work. It's easy to forget the magicians out there performing every day, far away from big stages and bright lights. Videos like this illustrate that while magic is definitely a job, it is also clearly a calling. A sometimes NSFW calling.