CBS Sunday Morning realizes magic is pretty cool - Genii Online

CBS Sunday Morning talks magic in a modern setting with Jonathan Bayme  from Theory11.  "You can explain everything with Google, but magic is one of the few things that still survives," says Bayme, talking about magic's timeless appeal. Still, that's not to say magic's image couldn't use a bit of a makeover. As Dan White puts it, "Magic has had a connotation for a long time of being kind of cheesy. And we just try to make it not cheesy in any way that's possible."

Ron Carnell also gives a mini tour of the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan sharing a tiny slice of insight into how Robert-Houdin took magic from being the business of witches to a theatrical production. The video wraps up with an appearance from Richard Turner and includes a few clips from Dealt, which is now available via video on demand services.