Highlight reel showcases the bizarre magic of Billy Kidd, Ola Muchin, and more from Festival Hors Lits Mollet in Catalonia - Genii Online

If you click to watch the video above, make sure you’re prepared for four of some of the strangest acts in magic condensed into a quick, four-minute presentation. Hors Lits is a festival that takes place regularly all over the world, celebrating live performances of all stripes, and Hors Lits Mollet convened in Catalonia back in October to showcase some of the best acts in magic in with four 20-minute shows in an intimate, private setting. Watch Billy Kidd pop a pill out of her eye socket, Fakir Testa jam a giant metal screw into his face, Ola Muchin perform weird puppetry, and Gazzo amuse with some devilish close-up magic.