Illusionist The Sacred Riana channels that creepy girl from every Japanese horror movie on Asia’s Got Talent - Genii Online

The “creepy girl with long hair” is a worn out trope of Asian horror flicks by this point, often found murdering hapless victims in films like Ringu and The Grudge. The Sacred Riana, an illusionist who hails from Indonesia, asks an important question: what if she also did spooky card tricks? 

In a recent performance on Asia’s Got Talent, The Sacred Riana stalks out onto the stage clutching a dilapidated stuffed animal, twitches a bit, then proceeds to freak the hell out of the show’s three hosts with magic tricks. The tricks themselves are fun standards, but what sells her performance is her unwavering commitment to the bit. During the entire five minute video, she says a grand total of three words, and stays in character even when the hosts are cracking jokes or voting on whether she’ll make it to the next round. Take a few minutes to watch the video embedded above for a hilariously sinister performance, and follow her on Instagram to see more.