See Magi-Fest 2018 through the eyes of YouTuber Nico Bisesi - Genii Online

We’ve got more Magi-Fest for you! Today’s vlog from last weekend’s big convention in Columbus comes from up-and-coming YouTuber Nico Bisesi, aka NicoMagic. He watches while the always-charming Shawn Farquhar blows the mind of a kid with a unique card to wallet trick and later gets a fly-on-the-wall view while card thrower Rick Smith Jr pelts Chris Ramsay. Bisesi also gets up close and personal helping Ramsay find a “lost” ring and gets a cardistry demo from Hoang Nguyen. Good times. He’s promising to post more Magi-Fest videos, so subscribe to NicoMagic’s channel to see the clips as soon as they’re live.

You can fill the time watching some of the other Magi-Fest videos from Chris Ramsey (he has several) or combing through the official photos from the event.