Simon Pierro pays tribute to the Great Cardini with an iPad and a digital white glove - Genii Online

German illusionist Simon Pierro is making a name for himself as "the iPad Magician"; a performer who combines physical trickery with the digital wonder that could only come from Apple's high-tech tablet. But that's not to say Pierro is constantly looking toward the future. In fact, Pierro's recent German TV special featured a segment recognizing one of the great classic sleight of hand magicians: Richard Valentine Pitchford, aka Cardini.

To honor his impressive legacy, elegant style, and “because we all know that everything we create today or in the future is based on the work of the masters from the past,” Pierro crafted a routine using an iPad and a digital representation of Cardini’s iconic white gloves  It’s a modern, 21st century twist to some of the most simplistic yet stunning sleight of hand ever performed.