Joshua Jay's Inferno is a killer trick. In it, a singed card named by your audience appears inside a matchbox. One of the best things about the trick is it has no angle restrictions at all, and with a few tweaks, can even work on a distant stage. Today, Steve Valentine explains how to sell the trick in a stage setting in another brilliant Magic on the Go! vid. 

Now Steve isn't one to ruin another magician's trick, so to learn the basics of the Inferno routine you'll have to buy the trick from Vanishing Inc. But even if you don't own Inferno, or if you're not a performer and are just a cack-handed layman like me, you can still appreciate Steve's infectious enthusiasm and wealth of experience when it comes to selling a trick to an audience. 

Normally, this video would be part of Magic on the Go's subscription service, but since March is the Month of Magic on the Go! here at GeniiOnline, we're letting you see this one free of charge. If you're still on the fence about Magic on the Go! check out other free videos in which Steve teaches you how to swallow your cane and change the color of a silk handkerchief.